Abundance is knocking at your door...will you open it to receive?

Accumulate the wealth of wisdom, love, and eternal happiness. You are one with Spirit, it's time to receive your divine inheritance.

This course will boost your capacity to attract all levels of wealth in your life.

What You'll Get:

Guided Meditation Journeys—Videos

Embark on a transcendental adventure into deep relaxation as you rewire your spiritual DNA.

You'll experience a peaceful renewal emerging from your true self as Spirit.

Awaken to profound shifts of heightened consciousness as you travel into an entirely new dimension of awareness.

Guided Meditation Samples


Guided Meditation Journeys—Audios

Discover relaxation and rejuvenation as you journey into another dimension to reprogram your subconscious mind.

You will enter into a deep meditative state to create profound positive changes.

With a calm mind, you can listen to the wisdom of your soul. Listening and engaging in these meditations will allow you to uncover layers of false beliefs.

You’ll gain accurate insights as your soul naturally awakens to the truth of your spiritual existence.

EFT/Tapping Audio Sessions

A Simple, Easy, and Effective Way to Remove Emotional Blocks. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping exercises allow you to release past emotional blocks, which are buried in your physical body.

This highly effective exercise is simple to use and offers instant results. 

Tapping on the meridian points while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion(s) will release blocks, restoring your body and mind. 

Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Training

Embark with Sundara as the artist shares her most profound secrets of the meaning and messages behind the art for the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards.

You'll receive sacred and personal information and learn how to apply these profound insights into your life.

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Soul Expansion for Prosperity

Aligning your spiritual vibration


Here are some of the essential things you will gain from this course:


A new profound sense of fulfilling love pouring into your energy field.


You'll feel expanded, light and wide open to receive all forms of abundance.


Welcome and acquire all the precious gifts from Spirit.

Accumulate the wealth of wisdom acquired through God realization.

Know and understand what is happening in your created world.

Welcome and acquire all the precious gifts from Spirit.